Monday, March 10, 2008

A quote

Here is a quote that I am meditating on... more or less... ok, a little less than more but still, I am thinking about what I think about this:

In the end, everything is OK.

If everything is not OK then it is not the end.



Patti said...

like i said on sunday...i like it - i think it's right

d_jam_is_on said...

That is deep...Hey, how does one add pix to their blog? Here is mine. DJ

Joy said...

So, what do you think?
Miss you!

d_jam_is_on said...

So I've had a chance to think about that quote. So, If I am having a great day and everything is good, all is "OK", should I then await my death? Is the end near? HAHAHA! Enjoy your Fica!

Kerri said...

That is a GOOD quote to meditate on! What have you come up with?