Sunday, April 20, 2008


Evaluate yourself, your marriage, your Christianity. Where are you? What do you see? How are things?
Are you a Christian? Do you believe in the Word of God, the Ways of God? Do you believe that outside the Ways of God you are doomed to fail?
What if God said something you didn’t like? What if he said you needed to quit your job to spend more time with your family? What if he told you to sell your house and change your lifestyle so the wife in the house could stay home and raise your children? What if he was telling you to home school your children?
Are the things of this world, the things in this life more important that the things of God? Do the things of this world carry more weight than the things of God? Do you give them more credibility? Do you submit to the world system, church system or do you submit to the system the creator of the universe has established?


Kerri said...

I needed that. Self-evaluation is a (swear word.)

Joy said...

Things that make you go "hmmm." Thanks for bringing it to this level. Sometimes we get so caught up in what is happening, that we forget about what should be happening.

Jamison said...

One more...Are you real? Someone told me once that people seem just too perfect sometimes, they always give the correct Christian answers but the are abusive to their wives behind closed doors. We need to be real, relate to people and share life with them, even if that means to say harsh things. I have been evaluating myself a lot lately. DJ

Kerri said...

I read this but haven't
1. I don't want to
2. I don't have the time
3. Excuses are just "easier"
4. I don't want to face the truth
5. The answers may hurt