Sunday, February 24, 2008

Bloggin, understandin and puddin

This is the place where I will work through the thoughts and things that are swimming around in my head.

Someone relatively famous once said that it is only by talking or writing our thoughts out that they begin to make sense. (When I remember who I will edit this post.) As I battle through this post-modern landscape I want nothing more than to make sense.

A friend I had in college said once that the only way to be understood is to make yourself understood. It isn't the fault of others if they don't "get" or "understand" you.

By the way, it isn't pudding... its puddin'


Patti said...

remember when keira and all gave you puddin' for father's day -- that was pretty hilarious

i love puddin'

jane said...

i hate inside jokes but i do love pudding/puddin' no matter how it's spelled.

Abigail Kreighbaum said...

everybody is blogging now a days.